Fie Laursen was born on June 3, 1996 in Denmark. She grew up in a little city with her parents and two brothers, she loved to sing, draw, act, dance and entertain. She was special from a young age and everyone around her knew she wasn’t gonna live life the way everyone else do, she had her own future planned out and she wanna gonna fight for what she wanted. She was bullied out of 5 schools which brought her to 2 years with Anorexia and Bullimia, cutting and a suicide attempt. While the bullying was going on she was  stalked for 3 years by a mental sick pedophile which had her growing up with a personal driver, police meetings, the fear, never being alone and a lot of bad memories from the times the man got to her. She was taken out of school in a young age and homeschooled when it got out of hand. She went to a Designer school after homeschooling.

After years of struggling she decided to open up about her story and made a video called “My Honesty”, she made a anonymous account on Youtube and uploaded the video of her telling her story written in post cards with her face hidden. The video was shared all over Scandinavia and people started to find out who was in the video. People started talking about the video, about Fie – So she said yes to an interview on live television. She opened up about her story, about what she felt and why she made the video –  That video changed her life. She started fighting for the people who was bullied, she showed Denmark how important the topic is. She stood up for interviews and had her own bullying campaign with over 11.000 people in it, while helping others and getting positive feedback she started to recover inside.

Blogging had always been something she loved to do and also one of the things the bullying was about, but it didn’t stop her – Fie has been blogging for 3-4 years now and she is one of the biggest bloggers in Denmark. She’s a blogger, advertiser, singer, designer, actress, writer, photographer and helps young girls who’s struggling with bullying and eating disorders.  She lives in Denmark with her family, but she is moving back to LA where she recorded her first song and had the time of her life. Follow Fie’s blog if you are interested in fashion, travels, lifestyle.